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The ideal way to create and share your wishlist. For a birthday, baby shower, wedding, anniversary, graduation, housewarming party or any other gift-giving occasion.

  • no more double presents
  • control who has access to your wishlist
  • always your wishlist available
  • add any item from any store
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Make it easy for your guests and yourself. Giving presents is fun!

Bridal registry

Baby Shower

Compile a convenient list containing gifts and necessities for your new-born from any store.

Gift on the wishlist


Create your online wishlist for your birthday and share it with friends & family.


Invite friends & family

Share your wishlist any way you want using a link. If you wish you may protect it with a password.

Reserving Presents

Friends & family can click for detailed information and reserve the gift. Of course, they can undo their previous reservation.

Reserving Presents


You may precede your wishes with an image and introduction text.

Example of an introduction

Your own images

See something cool in a store? Just take a photo and add it to your wishlist!

Your own images


Beautiful themes are available for many occasions like a birthday, wedding, baby shower or Christmas.

Overview of themes you may choose from

Multiple wishlists

You wish to maintain multiple wishlists? Sure, why not?

Wishlist for woman Wishlist for girl Wishlist for baby

Favourite presents

Would you love to receive a certain gift? You may mark it as a favourite!


Have your wishes displayed in any order you want.

And much more...

The best way to find out is creating your first wishlist. It's free.

Not convinced yet? You may look at the Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Universal Registry?

This is a universal gift registry, also known as wish list. It means it is not specific to any retailer. The gift may not even be online. Whenever you bump into a nice item, just snap a photo, and add a few details so guests know where to purchase it. You have complete freedom.


A wedding gift registry is also known as a bridal registry or wedding list. It makes life easier for everyone. It's easy for you to manage and easy for guests to shop. They can be certain they are purchasing items you will appreciate. And you avoid receiving gifts you can't return. If you wish, you can use our special Wedding theme.

Baby Shower

Expected parents easily list desired items for their new-born from any store. The list is then made available to baby shower attendees. Guests reserve the item they purchase. This will prevent the receipt of duplicate or unwanted gifts. That makes the party even more fun!

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